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Tesla and UFODrive at Van Der Valk Luxembourg Arlon Jean-Karl Vernay for Audi Sport Losch First flight from Italia,Linate with Luxair-Alitalia Autopolis Opel Dealer Excellence Award Luxair CEET (Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer) CLC Network with Inowai
Bob Kneip supporting  Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner Losch Porsche Center Letzebuerg, classic team with Walter Röhrl Enovos Anouk Hilger for Enomag Enovos Anouk Hilger for Enomag Team SES Luxembourg and Telindus
Leaseplan Laurent Gouverneur et Johan Portier Luxair pilots training in CEET  (Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer) Fernand Etgen, ministre de l'Agriculture Fernand Etgen, ministre de l'Agriculture Gérard Hoffmann, Telindus : Gerard Hoffmann Karl Pardaens, Elvinger Hoss : Elvinger Hoss
UMS United Monolithic Semiconductors Magali Zuber, AXA Magdalena Cordero, Director Information Technology  European Court of Auditors : Magdalena Cordero Olivier Lemaire, EY Michael Mossal, Join Experience Michael Mossal, Join Experience
Laurent Gayet, AXA Pioneer Asset Managment Claudine Schmitt, Well being at Work Luxembourg Congrès Sophie Feller, Novelia -  Christophe Caupenne Dimension Data
ICT Spring ICT Spring women macbook 9504 Hugues Delcourt, CEO BIL Luxembourg Gérard Hoffmann, Telindus Leaseplan, Carnext team Leaseplan
Leaseplan CBRE CBRE Swiss Life Kris Van Strydonck, Country Manager chez Delhaize Luxembourg et Hubert de Schorlemer, Eleveur de l'Angus du Mullerthal Sandra Sidon, Tango S.A.
Alphabet Belgium Alphabet Belgium Alphabet Belgium Alphabet Belgium Pedro Da Silva, Sense Capture Marianne Korving, Korvinglaw
Anne Canel John Fuerst, president of Powertrain Systems, Delphi SCRM Avocats  MG 1311 web Mme Fischer, Boulangeries Fischer for A3Com 1  MG 7717 : 1
Talkfinance Ingrid Kinet Diététicienne La Table du Belvédère, Lux Congrès La Table du Belvédère La Table du Belvédère La Table du Belvédère
La Table du Belvédère La Table du Belvédère La Table du Belvédère Olivier Noel,  DuPont Teijin Films Olivier Cridlig, Caceis : Olivier Cridlig Jerome Bei, Sourcefire
IMG 2029 Microsigns for LUXGSM Microsigns for LUXGSM Microsigns for LUXGSM Microsigns for LUXGSM  MG 8659 web
Carlo Hein Carlo Hein Marine Leonardis, Wildgen : Marine Leonardis Vincent Bolard, Wiltgen : Vincent Bolard Daniel Boone, Wildgen : Daniel Boone Pierre Metzler, Wildgen : Pierre Metzler
wildgencrayons Michel Bulach, Wildgen : Michel Bulach David Maria, Wildgen : David Maria Florence Piret, Wildgen : Florence Piret Mister Shooting Utopolis  MG 9911-Edit : Mister Shooting Utopolis Yves Radelet : Yves Radelet
 MG 9511 web  MG 9453 web Ilario Mosconi, Restaurant Mosconi Luxembourg : Mosconi  MG 7027 web : Postkutsch Maurizzio, Valentino Caffè Renato Favaro, Restaurant Favaro Esch-sur-Alzette : Favaro
 MG 2118 web : K Restaurant  MG 1444 web : Patin d'Or  MG 0961 copy  MG 0955 copy  MG 0517 copy-4 Clara Moraru, Inspiring Wo-Men
Clara Moraru, Inspiring Wo-Men Terminal Container Athus Ready Dot